Stillpoint Studio is a landscape design and planning practice based in Washington’s spectacular San Juan Islands.

About the Studio

I offer landscape and garden design, planting plans, site planning, garden consultations, and specialized garden services. My approach is iterative, collaborative, and flexible — tailored to each unique site, context, and client. I aim to bring people and plants together while creating design-solutions that: preserve and enhance ecosystems; provide a moving aesthetic experience; and warmly invite habitation.

People + Plants


Refine and articulate the destination; build the road-map.

No matter the scale, from small planting plans to multi-acre sites, planning is the process of visioning, articulating goals, researching feasibility and constraints, and finally, organizing a practical, coordinated plan.


Define the problem; solve it and make something beautiful.

Emerging from the disciplines of art, design, and landscape ecology, the idea of ‘pattern and process’ form the conceptual core of my work. To that, add rock, soil, concrete, steel, light, water, time, space, climate, vista, enclosure, spaciousness, memory, association, connection, smell, familiarity, uniqueness, surprise, color, contrast, comfort, abundance, texture, simplicity, delight, pollinators, edibles, trees, people and plants…

Pattern + Process

About Julia

I have always loved plants, art, and problem solving.

At the age of four, I began my first landscape project — on an eroding triangle of lifeless dirt between two sets of concrete stairs. As it turns out, the process of problem solving and visioning, of planning for plants where there were none, was a version of what I’ve been doing ever since.

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